Christie Stakes Out Foreign-Policy Stance During D.C. Forum on Trade Issues

NJ Spotlight | April 22, 2015 | Politics
NJ governor offers views on North American neighbors, immigration and relations with Cuba

If he’s going to make a creditable run for the presidency, New Jersey’s governor will have to establish his credentials on issues beyond our borders. Chris Christie tried to do that yesterday, as he spent the day in Washington, D.C., and was one of the featured speakers at a conference on North American trade.

Christie offered his views on immigration reform, expressing sympathy for those who “come here for a greater economic opportunity” but declaring that “we need to make sure that we have borders that respect our sovereignty.”

As for normalization of relations with Cuba, Christie gave that a New Jersey spin. As part of any deal, he insisted, the Castro regime must extradite fugitive JoAnne Chesimard, who was convicted in the 1970s of killing a NJ state trooper and found refuge in Cuba after breaking out of a state prison.

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