Sandy Recovery: ‘New Jersey’s Done a Terrible Job’

WNYC | April 8, 2015 | Podcasts
A former Christie supporter delivers some harsh words and the Governor gets ready for a return trip to New Hampshire

For months now, we’ve been hearing reports of Governor Christie’s dwindling support among New Jersey Republicans. This week, we meet one of those former supporters.

Attorney Lawrence Bathgate is a prominent Republican fundraiser.

He’s former finance chair of the Republican National Committee. Talks about vacations with the Bush family in Kennebunkport. President Ford, John McCain and the first President Bush were guests at his Bay Head home. Rumor has it he owns Thomas Jefferson’s table.

He knows Christie personally. But he’s supporting Jeb Bush.

His criticism of the governor ranges from what he perceives as a lack of electability to basic incompetence in the face of Sandy recovery.

According to Bathgate, Christie blew it. “New Jersey’s done a terrible job,” he says. “The people they hired were the wrong people. The people the administration put in place to manage the process don’t have any authority.”

New Jersey Public Radio and NJ Spotlight reporter Scott Gurian recorded a lengthy sit-down interview with Bathgate and joins us on the Christie Tracker Podcast with the highlights.

Also on the show:

Christie is heading back to New Hampshire. We preview the trip with New Jersey Public Radio’s Emma Jacobs. And host David Furst is joined by NJTV’s David Cruz who considers the governor’s reaction to the indictment of Senator Bob Menendez and walks us through a little Hudson County corruption history.

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