March 31, 2015 | Number of The Day
Number of New Jerseyans who were potentially exposed to unsafe drinking water in past year

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation recently released a report regarding numerous health factors that add up to how healthy a region is. It looked at issues such as smoking and obesity and physical activity, as well those not typically considered “health” factors, including safe housing and poverty.

For the most part, New Jersey fared better than average nationally.

One statistic stuck out, however, which was safe drinking water. According to the report, 6 percent of the state population was potentially exposed to drinking water exceeding a violation limit during the past year. The average nationally is 1 percent.

This may be because certain areas of New Jersey have contamination issues, since the rankings also listed a range of minimum and maximum percentages. In New Jersey, they ranged from 0 percent to 49 percent.