March 23, 2015 | Number of The Day
Per-person federal tax contribution of New Jerseyans

New Jersey is known as a “payer” state, one where more money goes to the federal government than comes back. In 2013 New Jersey had the fourth-highest per-person contribution to the federal budget at $13,696, according to a data tool called “State Smart,” created by the National Priorities Project, a nonpartisan research organization. Only Delaware, Minnesota, and Connecticut contributed more on a per-person basis.

The national average was $8,133. When all taxes are accounted for, including business, excise, and estate taxes, New Jersey contributes $118.3 billion to the federal government.

The same tool estimates that New Jersey receives about $82 billion back, when you consider assistance to individuals, federal contracts, and federal employees. The average per-person federal aid to individuals was $6,024. Most of that was Social Security and Medicare, but it also includes Pell grants, food stamps, and unemployment benefits.