March 13, 2015 | Number of The Day
Number of miles of power lines that JCP&L tree-trimming program will cover

Maintaining the proper clearance around electrical equipment and lessening tree-related damage are both essential to reducing the number of power outages that plunge customers into the dark — sometimes for days and weeks at a time, as occurred during Hurricane Sandy. That helps explain why Jersey City Power and Light is committing $24 million to its 2015 tree-trimming program.

According to JCP&L, the program, which is already underway, will prune trees along 3,300 miles of power lines in 60 municipalities. Trees that are unhealthy or present a threat may be removed entirely, the utility said.

Anthony Hurley, JCP&L vice president of operations, indicated that the utility’s 2014 program reduced tree-related outages by 22 percent over the year prior.