March 9, 2015 | Number of The Day
Number of contaminants at or above regulatory thresholds at Exxon Bayway and Bayonne refineries that led to state winning $8.9 billion lawsuit against energy company

Sen. Raymond Lesniak (D-Union) yesterday released the consulting report that outlines the ecological damage done at the Bayway and Bayonne refineries and outlines why will it take $8.9 billion to restore the site.

The report cites findings of 144 contaminants at or above the regulatory thresholds at which the public is considered at risk. The report also details a total of 600 organic contaminants and hazardous metals in the soil and water in the middle of an area where 15 million people reside.

In addition, the pollutants damaged the habitats of 178 species of fish and birds. The report cited groundwater contamination, as well as cancer-causing contamination.

The report, prepared in 2006, identified the cost of restoration at $8.9 billion. The Christie administration has entered into a settlement for $225 million, sparking outrage from environmentalists and Democrats, who vow to have the agreement overturned. In addition to asking the public to read the report, Lesniak is encouraging the public to sign a petition against the settlement.