Behavioral Health Integration into Primary Care: An NJ Spotlight Webinar

NJ Spotlight | March 13, 2015 | Health Care, Webinars
The influx of insured low-income individuals and families created by the Affordable Care Act doesn't have to drive up healthcare costs

The Affordable Care Act and its concurrent Medicaid expansion have made healthcare more accessible, especially to low-income individuals and families. But that success brings with it new considerations: A large segment of this economically disadvantaged population has chronic health conditions like diabetes, which are exacerbated by behavioral or mental-health conditions.

Treating these conditions separately drives up overall healthcare costs. One solution being considered is to integrate behavioral health with primary care at the provider level.

This NJ Spotlight webinar reviewed the findings of a recent study by the Rutgers Center for State Health Policy: The Role of Behavioral Health Conditions in Avoidable Hospital Use and Cost. It also looked at a pilot program at the Henry J. Austin Health Center in Trenton that is directly addressing the problem.

Barbara Kang,
The Nicholson Foundation

Joel Cantor
Director, Center for State Health Policy, Rutgers University

Dr. Kemi Alli
Chief Medical Officer, Henry J. Austin Health Center

Andrew Kitchenman, Healthcare writer, NJ Spotlight

Cantor’s presentation

Dr. Alli’s presentation

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