Despite Raucous Run-Up, Day One of PARCC Testing Was Mostly Uneventful

Sharpen those pencils: NJ Spotlight continues its PARCC testing with several samples from the math test for third-graders

New Jersey’s statewide PARCC testing started yesterday, give or take a snow delay, and despite a few glitches — and even more refusals to even take the exams — the administration was declaring with some relief that the day was uneventful.

Overall, close to 100,000 tests were administered without major mishaps, according to the state Department of Education.

The biggest obstacle was a change in schedules in scores of districts due to delayed openings after the overnight ice and snowfall.

The department said technological problems were few and student participation was high, good news compared with the technological mishaps in Florida that saw testing suspended.

The department skipped over what is a growing opt-out movement in many districts. More than a quarter of the students in Livingston schools — Gov. Chris Christie’s hometown — told the district they would sit out.

But state Education Commissioner David Hespe said, for all the public debate and protests, the time had come for the students to take the tests.

“For months there has been a great deal of discussion among adults about the new assessments,” he said in a statement. “Now it’s time to step back and put the spotlight on our students, and let them show us what they can do.

In the meantime, NJ Spotlight continues its feature this week of posting questions from the PARCC practice tests each day. Today, it’s three sample questions from the math section for PARCC’s youngest test-takers in the third grade.

The correct answers will be provided tomorrow, and for those taking yesterday’s sample, the correct answers are at the end of the story.

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Use the information provided to answer Part A and Part B for question 6.

Cindy is finding the quotient for 27 ÷ 9. She says, “The answer is 18 because addition is the opposite of division and 9 + 18 = 27.”

Part A
Identify the incorrect reasoning in Cindy’s statement. Enter your explanation in the space provided.

Part B
Show or explain how Cindy can correct her reasoning.

Find the quotient when 27 is divided by 9.

Enter your answer and your work or explanation in the space provided.

Mia placed point P on the number line.

PARCC arrow
  • Give the value of the number P as a fraction.
  • What does the denominator of your fraction represent on the number line?
  • What does the numerator of your fraction represent on the number line?
  • Enter your answer and your explanation in the space provided.
  • Correct answers to Monday’s 5th grade language arts samples :
    Part A: 4
    Part B: 1
    Part C: 2
    Part D: 2

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