February 26, 2015 | Number of The Day
New Jerseyans who support legalizing assisted suicide

Most New Jerseyans — 63 percent — support legalization of assisted suicide, according to the most recent Rutgers-Eagleton poll, with only 29 percent saying they are opposed.

A bill in the Legislature, already approved by the state Assembly and awaiting a vote in the state Senate would allow terminally ill patients to obtain prescription drugs to end their lives.

Support for the “Aid in Dying” bill is strong among Republicans (58 percent) and Democrats and independents (64 percent). And although backing for the bill crosses religious denominations, the more often you attend services the less likely you are to support the bill. Sixty percent or more of Catholics, Protestants, and Jews say they would support the idea, although only 52 percent of evangelical Christians support it. The most devout are the strongest opponents: half of residents who attend religious services at least weekly oppose the bill, while 40 percent support it.