63 percent

February 17, 2015 | Number of The Day
New Jersey voters who are ‘Ready for Hillary’

A large majority of New Jersey voters — 63 percent — say that Hillary Clinton would make a good president; 83 percent of voters say she has the right “experience” compared with other Democratic contenders; and 80 percent of New Jersey voters believe Americans are ready for a woman in the Oval Office. (All the stats are from the most recent Rutgers Eagleton poll released today.)

By a wide margin, Clinton is favored over potential Republican opponents by New Jersey voters. She beats Gov. Chris Christie 58 percent to 35 percent; former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush 58 percent to 32 percent; and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker 60 percent to 29 percent.

What’s more, Clinton’s favorability ratings are 59 percent in New Jersey. That’s higher than President Barack Obama’s 53 percent, and significantly higher than Christie (37 percent), Jeb Bush (26 percent), and Walker (16 percent.)

One more factor in the race is that 58 percent of women say they personally hope a women will be elected in their lifetime. (Only 42 percent of men said that was their hope.)