What’s Behind Chris Christie’s Change of Heart About Common Core?

John Mooney | February 18, 2015 | Education
NJ Spotlight’s John Mooney joins WNYC’s ‘The Brian Lehrer Show' to deconstruct the governor’s recent comments about testing

Where is Gov. Chris Christie going with the Common Core State Standards and the upcoming PARCC testing in New Jersey?

That was the topic of discussion yesterday on WNYC Public Radio’s “The Brian Lehrer Show,” as NJ Spotlight’s John Mooney joined Lehrer to explore Christie’s comments last week that he had “grave concerns” about Common Core and its associated testing.

Was it just presidential politics, Christie telling conservative critics what they wanted to hear about new standards and testing? Or did it reflect local concerns about the direction the state is taking — even if Christie signed off on that direction five years ago?

Either way, the testing will begin next month amid the controversy. And Mooney and Lehrer talked about what comes next and what the governor’s flip-flop says about Christie’s leadership style as governor and as potential candidate for president.