Poll: Should Gov. Christie Be So Busy With International Trade Policy?

NJ Spotlight | February 12, 2015 | Polling
While Christie is talking global trade, back home he’s vetoing a slate of ‘Buy American’ bills

It’s not unusual for Gov. Chris Christie to be all over the news — and all over the country — but when the subject is international trade, it’s another matter.

And while Iowa, Chicago and New Hampshire have figured large in his travel plans, Christie has ventured much farther afield — visiting the U.K, Canada, Israel, and Mexico over the past few months and meeting with foreign leaders.

His visit to London last week was billed as a trade mission. Yesterday he met with the Chinese ambassador in Trenton to talk about trade, according to the NJ AFL-CIO.

Last year, New Jersey sold $3.8 billion of goods abroad but bought $126.3 billion. That’s a major trade deficit.

Meanwhile, Christie’s most direct action on trade occurred last week when he vetoed a slate of “Buy American” bills that had passed the Legislature on a bipartisan basis. The Legislature was trying to force public agencies such as area colleges and the Port Authority to include more American products in their huge capital projects by giving some Americans a leg-up.