Reading, ‘riting and Revenues: More NJ Districts Selling School-Bus Ads

NJTV News | February 11, 2015 | Education
Supporters say it’s a way to raise money for cash-strapped budgets without raising taxes, but others question whether it’s a good idea

More and more New Jersey school districts – the latest is Sayreville — view it as an innovative way to generate revenue in an era of tight budgets and dwindling state aid.

Taxpayers seem to have mixed feelings about it, with some endorsing it as a way to provide tax relief and others skeptical about the idea.

There’s even a business that facilitates connections between businesses and school districts.

It’s the sale of advertising on public school buses, and it’s not without its critics.

“…One of the reasons advertisers like to advertise on school buses and in schools is because they get kids who aren’t able to change the channel,” said Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood Associate Director Josh Golin.

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