Transportation Trust Fund Advocates Take Fight to State Legislature

NJTV News | February 10, 2015 | Transportation
Supporters urge Senate Transportation Committee to renew key source of money needed to repair state’s crumbling roads and bridges

All roads seemed to lead to Trenton yesterday as a key transportation issued topped the agenda during a Statehouse hearing.

The Senate’s Transportation Committee heard calls to renew the state’s nearly depleted Transportation Trust Fund – and heard calls to replenish the fund by increasing New Jersey’s gasoline tax, using that money to finance repairs and upkeep of the state’s roads and bridges.

“The transportation fund is absolutely the most critical issue facing the state of New Jersey right now. And we are here today to call upon on the governor and the Legislators to end discussions and finally put forth a plan to deal with this extremely critical issue,” said New Jersey Chamber of Commerce President Tom Bracken.

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