School Performance Reports: How Many Grads Pursue College Degrees?

John Mooney | February 5, 2015 | Education
New Jersey tracks how many of our students enroll in higher-education institutions – and stay for at least a full year of classes

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One part of the state’s new School Performance Reports looks at a longer-term question: How many of New Jersey’s high-school graduates move on to higher-education institutions — and how many stay there?

Using data from the National Student Clearinghouse, the state is now tracking the percentage of graduates enrolled in colleges or universities 16 months after high school, which is the equivalent of making it through freshman year.

Post-Graduation College Enrollment 2013-14
Post-Graduation College Enrollment 2013-14

The percentage of graduates enrolled in post-secondary education 16 months after HS graduation, and the percent in 2- and 4-year schools. Search by one or more fields

The latest report compiles data for the Class of 2013, now more than a year out of high school, and breaks it down by two- and four-year schools, as well as by other categories including race.

The range is varies widely, from virtually all of the graduates of the state’s selective county academies moving on to pursue higher education to only about one-third of high-school graduates heading to college from some of New Jersey’s poorer cities.

The top five schools for college attendance were:

  • Academy for Allied Health Sciences, Union County Vo-Tech: 93.7 percent enrolled
  • Chatham High School: 93.2 percent enrolled
  • Marine Academy of Technology and Environmental Science, Ocean Vo-Tech: 93.1 percent enrolled
  • Bergen County Technical High School-Teterboro, Bergen Vo-Tech: 92.7 percent enrolled
  • Union County Magnet High School, Union County Vo-Tech: 92.5 percent enrolled
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