January 15, 2015 | Number of The Day
New Jersey’s ranking among states when it comes to Facebook self-promotion

It will come as little surprise to most New Jerseyans that our fellow citizens are among the most boastful when they post on Facebook, according to a survey by HeyLets, a social media application.

About 60 percent of New Jersey respondents surveyed said they frequently engaged in self-promotion. The most braggadocious state was California, with 77 percent admitting to the practice, followed closely by Washington (76 percent) and Nevada (72 percent). The most humble states were Utah (22 percent), Oregon (26 percent), and South Carolina (33 percent). Pennsylvanians were considered among the most humble, with 39 percent saying they frequently bragged, and New York came in just behind New Jersey at number 10, with 58 percent admitting to the practice.

HeyLets says many people do not favor those who frequently engage in boasting about trips, attending events, meeting noteworthy people, bragging about your significant other, or getting work-related good news. (Those were considered the five most frequent subjects for boasting.)