January 6, 2015 | Number of The Day
Amount a Department of Transportation engineer fraudulently inflated the price of railroad repair project in return for a bribe

A senior engineer at the Department of Transportation, Guadner Metellus, has pled guilty to the charge of official misconduct, admitting that he and an alleged accomplice solicited a company that operates a shoreline freight railroad to fraudulently inflate the cost of the Roseland bridge rehabilitation project by $700,000.

According to Metellus, he expected the company would agree to pay him and his accomplice $325,000 in bribes. Instead, Morristown and Erie Railway Inc. contacted New Jersey’s Division of Criminal Justice and cooperated with the investigation.

Metellus’ alleged accomplice, Ernest J. Dubrose, is fighting the charges and is expected to go on trial in March. The two were arrested and charged with the scheme on September 23, 2010.

Under the plea agreement, the state will recommend that Metellus be sentenced to three years in prison, two of which are ineligible for parole. He will forfeit his state pension and retirement rights and be permanently barred from public employment.