When Christie Got Into a Jam: Looking Back at ‘Bridgegate’ One Year Later

WNYC | January 9, 2015 | Politics
Twelve months ago, the public became aware of notorious ‘Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee’ email – and scandal followed

Credit: Governor's Office/Tim Larsen
christie budget presser
It may seem like “Bridgegate” — the scandal that gripped the Christie administration in the aftermath of what were apparently politically motivated traffic jams on the eastbound lanes of the George Washington Bridge — has been going on forever.

But yesterday actually marked just the one-year anniversary of the beginnings of the scandal, when the existence of the infamous “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee” email was revealed.

“Bridgegate” isn’t over. A federal investigation continues. And other probes related to the use of funds by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey are ongoing.

But WNYC, content partner of NJ Spotlight, decided to take a look back at highlights (or low points) of the scandal so far. Read the full report.