Envisioning What the Future Holds for New Jersey’s Power and Energy Sector

Aaron Fischer | December 28, 2014 | Winter 2014
For PSEG’s Ralph Izzo, tomorrow is cleaner, cheaper, and still profitable for the state’s utilities

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If it were possible to reduce Ralph Izzo’s multilayered vision of the future of the power sector to two words, they would be “energy efficiency.” The chairman, president, and chief executive officer of Public Service Enterprise Group — the owner of Public Service Electric & Gas, the state’s largest gas and electric utility — calls energy efficiency a “quadruple win.” He identifies the winners as consumers, the environment, jobs in New Jersey, and the utility of the future.

In this video, Izzo delivers the details of what that utility will look like — characterized, in part, by investment in energy efficiency and clean power generation, as well as a basic rethinking of state policies and subsidies.

Izzo leads a company with some 10,000 employees that spends hundreds of millions of dollars annually, and sometimes much more, maintaining its gas and electric infrastructure. It also makes huge investments in promoting solar energy.

This talk was originally presented as the keynote address at a recent NJ Spotlight Roundtable.

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