Making a Place for Disabled Kids in the State’s General-Education Classrooms

John Mooney | December 22, 2014 | Education, Winter 2014
The Inclusion Campaign of New Jersey brings new hope and freedom to children with disabilities and their families

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The Inclusion Campaign of New Jersey started last year as a collaboration among several organizations to promote the benefits of teaching students with disabilities inside general-education classrooms, among their nondisabled peers.

This is a national issue, a central tenet of federal law, and the subject of long-running debates and lawsuits in New Jersey and elsewhere. The state recently settled one such suit that involved more than 70 districts.

Funded by the van Ameringen Foundation, this campaign began as a white paper on the topic and evolved over the past year into a partnership with Amplify, Inc. to create a website, social media, press strategy, and this 10-minute video that features families and their stories.

Amplify is a New Jersey-based benefit corporation that uses digital media and strategic distribution to translate policy research into action.

“When we heard about Amplify’s work, we were so excited,” said Ruth Lowenkron of Disabilities Rights New Jersey, one of the partner organizations.

“This is the 21st century way of getting the word out and driving social policy change,” she said, “a very in-your-face, meaningful, and personal way.”

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