The Bacon Decision: A Setback for School Funding in New Jersey

NJ Spotlight’s John Mooney discusses the implications of the recent Bacon v. NJDOE ruling

superior court
The role of the courts in deciding how New Jersey pays for its public schools has become a legacy in and of itself, most notably in the Abbott v. Burke litigation but also in its many offshoots.

Most of the cases have ended on the side of the school districts and the state constitution’s mandate that they be provided the resources for a “thorough and efficient” education. But this week saw a rare setback, when state Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson ruled against a challenge from 16 rural districts that claimed they were being underfunded.

NJ Spotlight’s John Mooney speaks with WHYY/NewsWorks radio host Dave Heller about the implications of the case, known as Bacon v. NJ Department of Education, and what it means for both the districts and the state’s school-funding picture.

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