NJ Police Build Up Arsenals with Surplus Combat Weapons and Military Gear

NJTV News | December 3, 2014 | Social
Nearly 1,000 semiautomatic assault rifles now in hands of cops through Garden State

It’s a daunting arsenal of military weaponry. It includes armored vehicles, semiautomatic assault rifles and even a grenade launcher. And it’s not the property of the Army – it’s military surplus gear acquired for free by police departments throughout New Jersey.

One example of the extent of the militarization of the Garden State’s police forces: the weapons distributed to departments around the state included nearly 1,000 M14 and M16 semiautomatic rifles, which are the type used by soldiers in Iraq.

Read the full story by Christie Duffy of NJTV News, a content partner of NJ Spotlight, about what state Sen. Nia Gill described as “weapons more suited for a war zone than community policing.”