An NJ Spotlight Webinar: Preserving Conventional Phone Service in New Jersey

NJ Spotlight | November 14, 2014 | Energy & Environment, Webinars
Conventional phone service isn't a moneymaker for telcos, but it's a lifeline to a number of New Jerseyans

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Is conventional phone service doomed in New Jersey?

It could happen. Phone companies want to spend their money on growth, like mobile apps and high-bandwidth consumer offerings. Conventional phone service isn’t a high-growth market. And it can’t deliver the return on investment that glitzy new offerings can.

The economic odds are against traditional landline service. But what will that mean to the state’s elderly citizens and those barely skirting the federal poverty line — the roughly 1 million people who rely on this low-cost service to reach friends, family, and — if needed –emergency assistance? Should the phone companies even be allowed to curtail convention phone service?

These are the questions explored at NJ Spotlight’s free webinar, Preserving Conventional Phone Service in New Jersey, held November 12th, 2014 and sponsored by AARP.

Moderator: Tom Johnson, energy and environment writer for NJ Spotlight


Coralette Hannon is a Senior Legislative Representative with AARP’s State Advocacy & Strategy Integration department.

Susan Baldwin has been actively involved in public policy for 36 years, thirty of which have been in telecommunications economics, policy, and regulation.

AARP-NJ’s presentation

Note: In the middle of this webinar recording, the presenters play a video. The audio on that video is difficult to understand. You can view the video directly here.