The List: On the Road Again — Where Chris Christie’s Been During the Past Year

Colleen O'Dea, Senior writer | November 12, 2014 | The List
New Jersey's governor has an urge to travel; here’s the top 10 (or so) places where he's been spotted

Almost as soon as he was reelected to a second term, Gov. Chris Christie became something of an absentee governor. Mostly through his term as chairman of the Republican Governors Association, Christie has done a lot of travelling over the past year.

Between November 6, 2013, and last Friday, Christie has spent at least part of 136 days somewhere other than in New Jersey — more than a third of the year. He has visited 37 other states, the District of Columbia, Montserrat, Puerto Rico, and Mexico, according to an analysis of data posted on WNYC’s The Christie Tracker.

These are the 13 place Christie visited most often:

1. New York

It’s not surprising that the state where Christie has stopped most often is New Jersey’s next-door neighbor. His 14 visits there have been a mix of business, pleasure, and politics. He’s held press conferences with Gov. Andrew Cuomo — most recently to address the issue of Ebola quarantines. He’s attended the opening of the September 11 museum, received the Father of the Year award, played in a charity softball event at Yankee Stadium, went to a concert with Jon Bon Jovi, attended a Republican National Committee event, and gave speeches at CNBC and Americans for Prosperity. One thing he didn’t do: campaign for Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino (He lost.).

2. California

Most of Christie’s 11 days on the West Coast were for a vacation in August. He also spent two days campaigning for GOP nominee Neel Kashkari (He lost big.) and raising money for the RGA.

3. Florida

The governor also spent 11 days in the Sunshine State. Most of those visits — including an overnighter late last month — were politically motivated: fundraising for Republicans and campaigning for Gov. Rick Scott (he won). A two-day visit in March was devoted to watching the Mets in spring training. Florida, by the way, is also the home of another potential presidential candidate, former Gov. Jeb Bush.

4. Washington, D.C.

Christie’s nine visits to the nation’s capital were for widely varying reasons. They ranged from attending the White House Correspondents Club dinner to RGA fundraisers to speeches to conservative organizations. He also had a meeting with the secretary of Housing and Urban Development about superstorm Sandy.

5. Illinois

Politics brought Christie nine times to the home state of the man pundits say the governor is hoping to replace in 2017. He attended fundraisers for Republicans and campaigned for GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner (He won.) and for U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis (He won big.).

6. Indiana

The governor has spent eight days here and all were personal in nature. Christie took his daughter to begin her studies at Notre Dame University in August and went back last month for a visit.

7. Pennsylvania

Christie spent half as much time in New Jersey’s other neighbor as he did in New York. Unlike his visits to the Empire State, all the governor’s trips to Pennsylvania were political, with Christie making five trips to campaign and/or raise money for Gov. Tom Corbett (He lost big.).

8. Arizona

Christie spent a half dozen days here. He campaigned with GOP gubernatorial nominee Doug Ducey (He won.) and attending the four-day 2013 RGA conference.

9. Montserrat

The governor also spent six days here, vacationing on this British island in the West Indies last November after the election.

Numbers 10-13 are all tied with five days apiece.

10. Idaho

Two days Christie spent here last year were to campaign and raise money with Gov. Butch Otter (He won easily.). On the other three days over the summer, Christie attended the Allen & Co. Sun Valley Conference, an annual gathering of business and political movers and shakers hosted by the investment firm.

11. Iowa

Politics were the reason for all of Christie’s visits to this first-in-the-nation presidential caucus state. He has campaigned with and raised money for GOP Gov. Terry Branstad (He won big.) and Republican U.S. Rep. Steve King (He also won easily.) .

12. Maine

All of Christie’s trips here were to campaign and fundraise with Gov. Paul LePage (who won).

13. New Hampshire

All the visits were political — campaigning for gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein (He lost.) and U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown (ditto), as well as raising money for the Republican Governors Association. Of course, Christie may have had ulterior motives for visiting the state that hosts the nation’s first presidential primary.