October 1, 2014 | Number of The Day
Number of New Jerseyans who seek help from state poison control hotline each year

About 7 percent of residents seek help from a poison control hotline each year, according to a new Rutgers-Eagleton Public Health Series poll, and the state said it receives 65,000 calls to its poison control hotline annually.

But that could be just one response to the huge problem of unintentional poisoning, since 92 percent said they would also call 911, and 85 percent said they would also call their doctor in case of emergency.

Unintentional poisonings are the leading cause of injury death both in New Jersey and nationally, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Less-effective responses, according to the poll, but ones that many adopt would be to search the Internet (31 percent), ask family and friends (42 percent), or call 211. Younger respondents were more likely to rely on the Internet or 211 calls.