Talking About Many Issues Raised by Football Scandal in Sayreville

John Mooney | October 16, 2014 | Education, Social
NJ Spotlight education reporter and radio host discuss anti-bullying law, how it came into play, and whether it goes far enough

Credit: NJTV
The hazing scandal involving some members of the Sayreville High School football team continues to reverberate, not just through the legal system — seven players have been charged with criminal offenses — but in a broader conversation taking place about bullying in high schools and especially in high-school athletics.

Education writer John Mooney joined radio-show host David Heller of WHYY, a partner of NJ Spotlight, yesterday to discuss the scandal, how it evolved and was uncovered, and what it means for the state as a whole.

New Jersey already has one of the toughest anti-bullying laws in the country, and it helped spur the district into action in this case.

But does it go far enough? Or should it be amended?

What about the Sayreville educators and coaches who may have looked the other way when the alleged incidents were taking place?

What about Sayreville’s new school superintendent, Richard Labbe, who moved decisively to cancel the football season after just three months on the job?

Listen to the radio interview as those questions and related issues about the Sayreville High School situation are discussed.