September 24, 2014 | Number of The Day
New Jersey is in middle of the pack when it comes to happiness

New Jerseyans are not known for their cheerfulness, and perhaps that’s reflected in the state’s ranking in the latest study by Wallethub, a financial and social media network. According to the study, the Garden State ranks 24th in the country when it comes to happiness.

New Jersey does fare quite well in a number of quality-of-life categories — it has among the lowest rates of depression (3), suicide (3), and divorce (4). And it ranks an overall 14th in terms of community, environment, and recreational activities.

So why did New Jersey fall to 24th? It seems work is stressing us out. The state ranked 38 in the “work” rankings, which looked at commute time, number of hours, job security, and long-term unemployment. Indeed, New Jersey ranked 47th when it came to inadequate sleep.