September 3, 2014 | Number of The Day
New Jersey’s dismal ranking in terms of women’s equality

New Jerseyans may think they live in a blue state with a liberal sensibility, but when it comes to women’s equality, they would be wrong, according to a recent analysis by Wallet Hub, a personal-financial-social network. In a ranking of all 50 states, New Jersey came in a dismal 34th when judged in terms of gender equality. To come up with the ranking, Wallet Hub looked at such issues as the pay gap between men and women, the number of executive positions held by women, how many hours each gender worked, the difference in life expectancy and educational attainment by the sexes, and how many women were represented in the political ranks.

What Wallet Hub came up with was that New Jersey ranked 36th for workplace environment; 33rd for education and health; and 25th for political empowerment.

Hawaii ranked first on the list, with New York ranking second and Maryland ranking third. Hawaii and New York ranked highly due to their workplace environments for women.