As Christie Pre-Campaigns For President, Opponents Pre-Attack

Matt Katz | September 16, 2014 | Katz on Christie

Charleston, SC — Gov. Chris Christie began the week holding hands with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi at an event in Jersey City before heading across the river to a press conference on homeland security with Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio.

But Christie’s Democratic Monday is not an indication of what he has planned for the rest of the week.

Christie returns to the presidential flirtation trail beginning Tuesday morning, when he campaigns for Republican Senate candidate Thom Tillis and then scoots south to South Carolina, where he has two closed-door fundraisers and a campaign stop at a restaurant in downtown Charleston with Republican Gov. Nikki Haley. 

On Wednesday, Christie will be in Washington for a Republican Governors Association event before heading to Maryland to campaign for Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan and then to New Hampshire, home of the first-in-the-nation presidential primary, where he will campaign for gubernatorial candidate Walt Havenstein.

It will be Christie’s third trip to New Hampshire in three months. Neither New Hampshire nor South Carolina have close gubernatorial races, but both states are critical weigh stations toward securing a party’s nomination for president. 

Christie says he will make an announcement early next year about running in 2016. But already, his status as a potential candidate for president has a downside: His opponents are mobilizing, too.

On conservative talk radio this week in Charleston, an advertisement is airing that  trashes Christie for breaking his campaign promise to get rid of New Jersey’s “liberal” justices on the State Supreme Court. Sponsored by the conservative Judicial Action Network, the ad directed listeners to a web site, Christie Bad On Judges. The group has aired ads in other states that Christie is visiting, indicating that this may be trailing him wherever he goes this fall.