Poll: Right Direction? Wrong Direction? No Direction? What’s With COAH?

NJ Spotlight | July 3, 2014 | Polling
COAH has new rules, or does it? What's the next step for the Council on Affordable Housing?

Yesterday the New Jersey Council on Affordable Housing held a public hearing on proposed new affordable housing regulations, which the state Supreme Court ordered.

The rules include a complicated methodology for determining how many affordable units municipalities need to provide to meet their obligation under the court’s Mount Laurel rulings. Statewide, they would require the construction of an average of 4,200 affordable units a year through 2024, with about another 11,000 due to be built between 2024 and 2034. Almost 63,000 existing units would be rehabilitated over the same time period.

There are a number of other specific regulations about which people on both sides of the issue commented, including mandating that builders construct one affordable unit for every nine sold at market price — compared with two affordable units for every eight market-priced — and the lack of any requirement to build rental housing. Housing advocates urged the council to scrap the rules, while municipal representatives generally supported them.