June 16, 2014 | Number of The Day
NJ ranks dead last in federal funding for airports

New Jersey may have one of the busiest airports in the country in Newark Liberty, but it ranks 50th among states when it comes to federal funding to support it and its other public airports. The state received only $15.2 million from the federal Airport Improvement Program in Fiscal Year 2013, despite being the air gateway for 17.7 million passengers, according to a report by the Global Gateway Alliance.

The Global Gateway Alliance is an advocacy group promoting the New York metropolitan region’s airport and infrastructure. Its report bemoans the fact that New York is 46th among states for airport funding, while New Jersey is 50th. But even New York received $105 million in grants — or $2.31 per passenger, while New Jersey received only $0.86 cents per passenger. Delaware, according to the Global Gateway Alliance, received $6,140 per passenger. Smaller states, with lighter traffic, typically received more aid than more populated states. However, even states like Massachusetts ($4.39 per passenger), Pennsylvania ($3.21 per passenger) and Illinois ($4.04) were the beneficiaries of more generous grants.