June 4, 2014 | Number of The Day
New Jerseyans who think the state is on the wrong track

New Jerseyans don’t seem happy. A recent FDU Public Mind poll shows that while they might be split on the job Gov. Chris Christie is doing (44 percent approve, 44 percent disapprove), 48 percent believe the state is on the wrong track.

Only 40 percent believe New Jersey is moving in the right direction, and 13 percent said they didn’t know.

That’s not all: while Christie’s popularity has sunk from its previous highs, the Legislature doesn’t fare much better, if at all. Only 27 percent said they thought the Legislature was doing a poor job, but only 24 percent ranked the Legislature excellent to good. A solid 35 percent rated it as “fair.”

The poll also found that interest in Bridgegate has waned since January; most people said they were still following it (22 percent very closely, 48 percent somewhat closely). And a majority of respondents — including independents and Republicans — find it somewhat (23 percent) or very (35 percent) unlikely that Christie was unaware that his aides ordered the lane closures.