Are You Ready for a Critical Transformation of the Healthcare Sector?

NJ Spotlight | June 27, 2014 | Webinars
Stay out ahead of this emerging trend in the healthcare industry with this close look at challenges and opportunities

big data webinar
The rollout of the Affordable Care Act, with its emphasis on electronic information, healthcare delivery partnerships, and reducing costs, makes this the opportune time to start “big data” projects to improve patient outcomes.

This NJ Spotlight webinar, sponsored by The Nicholson Foundation and held June 25, introduced the subject of analyzing large data sets to discover trends and outliers in order to improve healthcare delivery.

We were joined by representatives of two organizations that are already adapting to the big-data revolution: Jonathan Darer, chief innovation officer at Geisinger Health; and Lewis Sandy, senior vice president, clinical advancement, at UnitedHealth Group.

Watch the full video of the webinar.

We will post the speakers’ presentations as they are made available:

View Jonathan Darer’s slide presentation.

Sponsored by The Nicholson Foundation