With Budget Showdown Looming, Christie Takes on 2016

Matt Katz | June 17, 2014 | Katz on Christie

A budget showdown is looming in New Jersey. Gov. Chris Christie dramatically overestimated the state’s revenue projections and now his administration is delaying a $2.6 billion payment into the state’s pension system in order to close a budget gap.

This plus Bridgegegate should have paralyzed Christie – But New Jersey Public Radio’s Matt Katz says that while the governor is weakened, he’s not only getting stuff done — he’s moving full steam ahead with his presidential campaign.

“Preparations for 2016 are going ahead as scheduled. He is reaching mass audiences…like last week when he danced on Jimmy Fallon,” said Katz. “That was five days ago and it already has five million YouTube views.”

Christie is going to a conference to speak to religious conservatives in Washington before jetting off to New Hampshire, where he’ll campaign at a fundraiser for the GOP’s gubernatorial candidate in the Granite State.