Bridgegate’s Legal Bills Are $4.4 Million, And Counting

Matt Katz, WNYC | June 10, 2014 | Katz on Christie

The Bridgegate legal bills are just starting to come in, totaling $4.4 million so far. But that number is going to increase exponentially — that’s because 43 people are getting their legal fees paid for by the public, and we have yet to see hardly any of those bills. Here’s the stats:

  • The New Jersey Attorney General’s Office is paying $340-an-hour to outside lawyers (and $90-an-hour for paralegals) for 28 current and former state employees subpoenaed in the Bridgegate scandal. We don’t know the names of most of those people — the state cites attorney-client privilege.
  • Gibson Dunn, retained by Gov. Christie to write an internal review and respond to subpoenas, has billed $3,247,506.60 just for the months of January and February. Dozens of staffers have worked on the matter, including 60 in February alone.
  • The Port Authority is paying for the lawyers of 15 employees, whom it hasn’t named. The agency estimates that its bills total $210,000 to this point.
  • The Democrat-controlled legislative committee has retained two outside law firms, with an estimated total of $750,000 billed so far.
  • Bill Stepien, Christie’s former campaign manager, is having 45 percent of his bills paid for because he worked for the state for part of the time covered in his legislative subpoena. His lawyer, Kevin Marino, is owed $175,202 so far. 
  • The attorney for Christina Renna, the first witness before the legislature’s Bridgegate committee, is represented by Henry Klingeman, who has billed $13,089 so far.

The price of the Bridgegate legal tab: $4,395,797.60. So far.