May 22, 2014 | Number of The Day
Newark-Liberty Airport has fourth-most-expensive domestic air fares in country

Newark-Liberty Airport may be a major airline hub with the ability to get to most places on nonstop flights, but those tickets are among the most expensive. The U.S. Department of Transportation ranks Newark-Liberty as having the fourth-most-expensive average domestic ticket among the top 100 airports in the country.

On average, a domestic ticket from Newark costs $499. Nationally, the average fare is $381. New York LaGuardia’s average domestic ticket price is $390.

The other four airports with the highest fares were Huntsville, AL ($528), Cincinnati, OH ($510), Washington Dulles ($506), and Houston Bush, TX ($498). The cheapest domestic fares were from Long Beach, CA ($249) and Las Vegas, NV ($255).