May 7, 2014 | Number of The Day
NJ's Rank as State Friendly to Working Mothers

New Jersey ties for 15th in a ranking of how friendly states are to working mothers. The ranking, developed by Wallet Hub, an online financial site and marketplace for financial products, has New Jersey tied with Tennessee and behind states such as Oregon, Vermont, Maine, and New York.

The ranking looked at three major factors: childcare, professional opportunities, and work-life balance.

New Jersey performed pretty well when it came to childcare, ranking eighth, due to quality of public schools and daycare, costs and access to pediatricians.

The Garden State also fared well in terms of work-life balance, scoring 14. Factors in that metric included parental-leave policies, length of workday, and average commute time.

The place where New Jersey didn’t do so well was professional opportunities for women. The two factors in that category were the gender pay-gap and the ratio of female-to-male executives.