In-House Probe of Bridgegate Turns Up Serious Flaws in Sandy Grants

Scott Gurian | April 17, 2014 | Sandy
Internal review looking into scandal turns up extensive mishandling of $23 million fund

Hoboken, hard-hit by flooding during Hurricane Sandy, is trying to develop a microgrid.
The head of a state committee responsible for doling out $25 million in Sandy energy grants has told the legal team hired by the Christie administration for the internal review of the Bridgegate scandal that his group’s original decisions were seriously flawed due to “data entry errors.”

The revelation backs up the findings of an NJ Spotlight investigation but also indicates that problems may have been even deeper and wide-ranging than was originally reported.

The disclosure comes in new documents released by Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, the law firm conducting an investigation into the actions of the governor’s office in the Bridgegate scandal.

Reporter Scott Gurian with host Dave Heller of ‘NewsWorks Tonight.’ WHYY’s NewsWorks is a partner of NJ Spotlight.