NJ Charter Schools: A Conversation About Their Place in Our State

John Mooney | April 15, 2014 | Education
In a special audio report, NJ Spotlight's John Mooney discusses some of the problems and possibilities presented by charters

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New Jersey’s checkered relationship with charter schools continues, with the state receiving more than three-dozen applications to open new charters this month.

But despite the torrent of applications, the state’s approval rate in the past few years has slowed to a trickle. And while all of New Jersey was once a hotbed of growth, charters today tend to be concentrated in a few specific areas and sponsored by a few specific organizations.

NJ Spotlight’s John Mooney yesterday joined WHYY/NewsWorks Tonight to in New Jersey. The talk touched on a range of issues, among then the continued demand for charters in New Jersey and what that says about the state’s public schools.