Did Christie’s Aides, Allies Engineer Bridgegate Coverup?

NJ Spotlight | April 14, 2014 | More Issues
Report exonerating Christie and cabinet raises more questions than it answers

Credit: Governor's Office/Tim Larsen
Last month a team of high-powered lawyers hired by Gov. Chris Christie to review to what extent the governor’s office was involved in the Bridgegate scandal delivered a 300-plus page report that declared decisively “there is no evidence of any coverup.”

But according to another analysis of the evidence, undertaken by WNYC/New Jersey Public Radio’s Nancy Solomon and Andrea Bernstein, reveals that the governor’s top aides in the Statehouse and appointees in the Port Authority were tracking the trouble from the start, scrambling to throw reporters and lawmakers off the track. And in some instances, Christie’s cronies looped the governor in on what was happening.

Listen to a full audio report and review the chronology of an emerging scandal on WNYC.

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