March 28, 2014 | Number of The Day
Rate of NJ nonprofits that said demand for services rose in 2013

These are difficult times for nonprofits in New Jersey and for the clients they serve, with rising demands for services and flat or uncertain funding.

In fact, four-fifths (82 percent) of the 501(c)3s responding to a recent survey from
the Center for Non-profits reported that the need for their services was on the rise during the past year. Another 80 percent indicated that they expected demand to continue to climb in 2014.

Few nonprofits expect funding to match demand, however. Only 58 percent of the 197 respondents expected funding to increase, while 28 percent believed it would remain flat. But only 8 percent said they expected a drop in funding in the coming year.

But despite uncertainties about the future, responses overall were more optimistic this year than last, according to the report, with nonprofits looking toward increased funding from foundations, corporations, individual gifts, and special events.