March 16, 2014 | Number of The Day
Number of active-duty military stationed in New Jersey

New Jersey is home to 7,697 active-duty military personnel, most of whom (4,079) work for the Air Force, according to www.governing.com, using data culled from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Perhaps surprisingly, the second-largest cohort is active-duty Coast Guard, with 1,507 personnel. This is followed by 665 members of the Army, 465 in the Navy, and 347 in the Marines.

Additionally, there are 10,446 military civilians working in the state. Oddly enough, these groups do not correspond to the number of active-duty personnel. Instead, the largest group of military civilian employees in New Jersey is the 5,602 who work for the Army, followed by 2,139 employed by the Navy, and then 2,061 working for the Air Force. There are also 644 Defense Department employees in the Garden State.