First ‘Blue Acres’ Home Acquired by State is Reduced to Rubble

Tracey Samuelson | March 14, 2014 | Sandy
NJ plans to buy and demolish 1,300 flood-prone dwellings damaged by Hurricane Sandy

condemned sign
It’s one down, 1,299 to go.

The first of 1,300 flood-prone homes that were damaged by Hurricane Sandy that New Jersey plans to buy through its $300 million Blue Acres initiative has been razed in Sayreville.

The home of Theresa and Marty Kuczynski, who lived in the dwelling for 25 years, was turned into a pile of rubble in just a half-hour.

Their home was the first acquired by the state — for $265,000 — through the Blue Acres program. Homes targeted by the state for acquisition include 170 whose owners have accepted offers in Sayreville and nearby South River. Fifty deals have closed so far.

The Kuczynskis, meanwhile, have relocated a home on higher ground, a couple miles away.

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