All the Governor’s Prosecutors

Mark J. Magyar | March 11, 2014
With deep roots in the U.S. Attorney's office for New Jersey, Christie's top team lacks administrative and policy experience

Fifteen top officials in the Christie administration served as prosecutors in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for New Jersey, starting with Gov. Chris Christie himself. The Christie team also includes three top prosecutors from the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety, including a former state attorney general and two chiefs of staff; the FBI agent who ran the antiterrorism effort out of Newark after 9/11; and the chief administrator and press secretary from Christie’s U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Governor Chris Christie: U.S. Attorney (2002-2008)


Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno: Assistant U.S. Attorney, Eastern District of New York and New Jersey; Assistant Attorney General; U.S. Attorney’s Office, Deputy Chief of Corruption Unit (1994-1998); Attorney General’s Office, Deputy Director, Division of Criminal Justice (1998-2001); Monmouth County Sheriff (2007-2009)

Kevin O’Dowd, Governor’s Chief of Staff: U.S. Attorney’s Office, Chief of the Securities and Health Care Fraud Unit (2003-2009); Assistant Counsel, Governor’s Office; Deputy Attorney General, N.J. Attorney General’s Office

Charles B. McKenna, Governor’s Chief Counsel (now director of Schools Development Authority): U.S. Attorney’s Office (1991-2009), Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney under Christie (2002-2008), Chief of the Criminal Division (2008-2009)

Jeffrey Chiesa, former state attorney general, was put in charge of the takeover in 2016 by former Gov. Chris Christie.
Jeffrey S. Chiesa, former Attorney General, Governor’s Chief Counsel and U.S. Senator: U.S. Attorney’s Office (2002-2009), rose to Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney

Michele Brown
Michele Brown, CEO, Economic Development Authority: U.S. Attorney’s Office (1991-2009), rose to First Assistant U.S. Attorney

Marc Ferzan, Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Recovery and Rebuilding: U.S. Attorney’s Office (2001-2009), rose to Chief of Commercial Crimes Unit; previously with U.S. Justice Department and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

David Samson, Port Authority Chairman: New Jersey Attorney General (2002-2003)

Lori Grifa, former Community Affairs Commissioner: Chief of Staff, Attorney General’s Office (2002-2003)

Hannah & Christie
Robert M. Hanna, President, Board of Public Utilities: U.S. Attorney’s Office (1990-2006), rose to Chief of Securities and Health Fraud Unit

Richard E. Constable III, Community Affairs Commissioner: U.S. Attorney’s Office (2002-2010)

John Hoffman, Acting Attorney General: Assistant U.S. Attorney (2005-2011); previously with U.S. Justice Department

Paula Dow
Paula Dow, former Attorney-General: U.S. Attorney’s Office (1994-2003); rose to serve as counsel to U.S. Attorney Christie (2002-2003), then became Essex County prosecutor

Deborah Gramiccioni, Port Authority Deputy Executive Director: Assistant U.S. Attorney (1994-2005), then served in Attorney General’s Office (2005-2010), rising to Director of Division of Law

Marc Larkins, acting State Comptroller: U.S. Attorney’s Office (2002-2009), rose to acting First Assistant U.S. Attorney

Matthew Boxer, former State Comptroller: U.S. Attorney’s Office (2001-2006)

Paul Matey, Deputy Chief Counsel: Assistant U.S. Attorney, Securities and Health Care Fraud Unit, and Public Protection Unit (2005-2009)

Wayne Hasenbalg, President and CEO, NJ Sports and Exposition Authority: Former Assistant Counsel and Chief of Staff in Attorney-General’s Office (Kean administration, 1982-1989)

Edward Dickson, Homeland Security Director: FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Newark Division’s National Security Branch (2001-2004)

Rosemary Iannacone, Director of Operations, Governor’s Office: U.S. Attorney’s Office, Chief Administrator (2000-2009), previously U.S. Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn

Michael Drewniak, Press Secretary: U.S. Attorney’s Office, Public Information Officer (1998-2008)