Poll: What Do You Think About Gov. Christie’s Handling of Sandy so Far?

NJ Spotlight | March 6, 2014 | Polling
Christie cut a bold figure during the crisis, but has his follow-through lived up to his first impression?

Gov. Chris Christie has ridden the Sandy disaster to victory and a second term in the November election and used it to bolster his image as take-charge sort of guy — with a heart of gold — on the national stage. But here in New Jersey, details are beginning to emerge about the Sandy recovery, and they raise questions.

For instance, our investigative story this week reveals that decision-making about Sandy fund allocations is chaotic and error-plagued at best. And the administration has kept a tight lid both on how decisions are made and on what decision have been made.

At a town hall meeting this week, the governor blamed the federal government for the slow pace of Sandy payouts. What’s your opinion?