February 26, 2014 | Number of The Day
Number of Dams removed to Restore Rivers in NJ last year

New Jersey was ranked third in the country last year by American Rivers, a national river conservation organization, due to the state’s efforts to restore rivers by removing outdated and unsafe dams. New Jersey removed four dams in 2013, causing it to be called “a national leader in river restoration,” by the organization.

Dam removal restores a river’s health and water, revitalizes fish and wildlife, and can improve public safety and recreation. The dams removed last year included one built in 1901 along the Raritan river in Raritan; one in the Burrs Mill Brook Tributary in Woodland Township originally needed for agricultural purposes but no longer; the Stone’s Dam in Hakihokake Creek that was severely damaged during Hurricane Irene; and another dam in Cresskill Brook, Cresskill, that was initially built to dam water for a private swimming pool.