Report: Most Uninsured Latinos Qualify for Lower-Cost Coverage

NJ Spotlight | February 18, 2014 | Affordable Care Act

Nearly 80 percent of uninsured Latinos may qualify for Medicaid, CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) or lower-cost coverage through the health insurance marketplace, according to the federal Department of Health and Human Services.

The agency added that 95 percent of those same people might be able to get coverage if all states had agreed to expand Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

According to a recent report by HHS, 1 in 4 uninsured individuals who are eligible for insurance through the insurance marketplace are Latino, amounting to 10.2 million out of 41.3 million people. More than 60 percent live in one of three states — California, Texas and Florida — and about half of them are 18 to 35 years old. More than 4 million Latinos may be eligible for CHIP or Medicaid and just under 4 million may qualify for lower monthly premiums through the ACA.

Read the full report by Health and Human Services.