Report Looks at Ways to Prevent Insurance Coverage ‘Churning’

NJ Spotlight | February 9, 2014 | Affordable Care Act

The issue of “churning” – switching between health plans when patients whose eligibility for Medicaid and insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act varies due to fluctuating income and changing family situations — is addressed in a new report by the Center for Healthcare Strategies.

With millions of lower-income Americans taking advantage of coverage options available under the ACA, the CHS report says, the phenomenon of “churning” – which is common among Medicaid clients – is likely to become more prevalent.
The report says adults who change health insurance coverage are less likely to have a regular source of medical care and tend to delay healthcare during coverage transitions.

The CHS white paper outlines ways state officials can help prevent residents from having temporary gaps in their coverage and looks at how some states “have sought to avoid interruptions in care for beneficiaries who transition across the new array of coverage options.”

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