February 5, 2014 | Number of The Day
NJ saw 23 percent drop in toxic chemicals in land, air, and water

New Jersey was significantly cleaner in 2012 when it came to environmental toxins, according to the federal Environmental Protection Agency, since it saw a 23 percent reduction in the toxic chemicals found in its air, land, and water.

The biggest factor, according to the EPA, was the fact that the DuPont Chambers Works site in Deepwater stopped accepting waste from outside facilities, and as a result reduced its releases by 40 percent.

The Toxics Release Inventory report issued today by the EPA covers 382 New Jersey facilities that are required to report their releases. Total releases to land, air, and water by these facilities decreased from about 11.2 million pounds in 2011 to about 8.6 million pounds in 2012.