Group Calls on Christie to Reject Expanded Medicaid

NJ Spotlight | February 5, 2014 | Affordable Care Act

The state director of Americans for Prosperity, which describes itself as a national organiation that supports “restraining state and federal government growth and returning government to its constitutional limits,” has called on Gov. Chris Christie to “rethink his position on Medicaid expansion.”

Daryn Iwicki issued a statement Tuesday in which he cited a newly released Congressional Budget Office report on what the group described as “the federal healthcare insurance takeover and its impact on the nation’s labor market.”

“AFP is calling on Gov. Christie to rethink his position on Medicaid expansion in lieu of today’s stunning Congressional Budget Office report. The CBO report makes it clear: provisions of ObamaCare, including the expansion of Medicaid, ‘will lead to a net reduction in the supply of labor’ and ‘reduce incentives to work’.”

“Every day we find out the impacts of this disastrous law on the lives and economic well-being of the American people are even worse than imagined,” Iwicki said. “People are losing their plans, losing their doctors and facing crippling hikes in their premiums and deductibles — while tens of thousands are also losing jobs or seeing their hours cut.”